Work with Sofia Elena

Your commitment to healing and transforming your life is the best decision and most important step you can take in your life. Taking control of your emotions and empowering yourself through self-care is the ultimate life-altering choice that will result in a flow of abundance, happiness, peace and clarity.

Once you align yourself with your life purpose and you connect with your Higher Self, incredible shifts begin to occur. Lets begin the healing process together. Its time to Activate your Inner Magic!

This package is designed for the individual who is ready to commit to their complete transformation. This is a 3-Month journey where we dive deep into the soul of discovery. Together we begin to peel the layers away of deep-seeded past traumas, bringing them up to the surface to heal and let go. Over the course of 3-months you will learn life-long tools that will change your energy, help you to vibrate higher and manifest your truest desires. Each week we will uncover something new and you will be given assignment dedicated to that weeks healing module. *Optional: Upgrade to the Ultimate Soul  Healing Journey Package

Fall Special: $3,250.00 

Normal Price: $4,250.00

This Package includes everything from the Soul Coaching Package with a 3-day trip to Sedona, Arizona to be scheduled after the completion of the 3-month Soul Healing Journey. This is the "icing on the cake"for your soul transformation. Sedona is home to the only Energy Vortex in the country and is known for its intense healing. Package includes hotel stay for 3 nights, (1) Energy Vortex hike, (1) Tour of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Energy/Space Clearing, Daily Meditations, Daily 1 Hour Soul Sessions with Journaling and on Day 3 we end the journey with a Chakra balancing session. Individual is responsible for Flights and Transportation from Pheonix Airport to Sedona (1.30 minutes by car).


Meeting my potential clients is required to make sure that we are a match and that the programs offered are a good fit for you. These Soul Healing Journeys require a lot of. time spent together and a full commitment to your healing and transformation. Everything in life is energy and we want to be sure that our energies mesh well so that you can benefit the most out of this journey. The session will go over your expectations, where you are in the healing process (just getting started or some where in between?). Any questions you may have get addressed during this session.

30 minute face-to-face consultation. Must have WiFi connection. 

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

$350.00 per hour


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